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The University Area Commission has five standing committees that typically meet during the first or second week of the month. Committee meetings are open to the public, and if you have issues concerning any of the committee topics, you are strongly encouraged to attend.

There shall be a Board of Elections, consisting of five persons appointed by the President at the June meeting prior to the next election with the approval of the Commission, none of whom shall be connected in any way with a candidate for the Commission. The Board performs the duties set forth in the Election Rules. 

The Community Relations Committee promotes the activities and existence of the commission to the community and other groups throughout the city; assists the Board of Elections with promoting upcoming elections; distributes a monthly commission activity fact sheet; oversees maintenance of the commission website monthly; and keeps an up-to-date contact list of persons, departments and/or groups to update in relation to commission business.

The Governance Committee is responsible for implementation of the Commission by-laws and election rules; conducts the orientation of new commissioners; and coordinates the internal activities of the commission. The governance committee also researches the effectiveness and applicability of the bylaws and makes recommendations to the Commission for amendments and changes to the bylaws.

The Planning & Development Committee conducts research and analysis to make proposal recommendations on planning and development issues and any city plans that affect the area; encourages, supports and conducts research and makes recommendations on historic preservation issues within the area; researches, monitors and makes recommendations on any federal, state or local funds and grant monies that are available to implement plans in the area and conducts research and analysis to make recommendations on quality of life issues relative to City Code and regulations.

The Zoning Committee will regularly receive and review applications for rezoning, variances, graphics, other zoning adjustment appeals, and special permits located wholly or partially within the boundaries of the University Area Commission. It will also review, monitor, and vote on all requests for demolitions.

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